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Secret Stash of Books!

Good news, we found a small number of Mapleton History Books by Wendell Johnson and Kay Harmer. We thought they were pretty much all sold, but there’s a few left if you would like to have a hard copy. These books are not digitized. There are no plans at the moment to make them into an e-book, and it is not entirely just up to us since this was a two-author book. I would recommend that if you want a copy, this is a reliable and limited opportunity to buy one of the last surprise few physical copies! It is out of print at this point, and not available anywhere else new.

I have a few rough scans of the pages for you to be able to get a preview of the content. It covers general history of the area chronologically, ending off around the 1970s. It contains some rare photographs, and short biographies of some of the early pioneer families of the town.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this glimpse of the book!